Best Commuter Towns to New York City

Best Commuter Towns to New York City

If you are searching for an easy commute to New York City, these are the Best Commuter Towns to NYC. This list is by recommendation, travel times and personal experience. As a life-long resident of New Jersey, we are extremely familiar with the commuting experience to all areas of New Jersey.

10.Glen Ridge New Jersey – Commute time to and from Midtown 30 Minutes
On the list, this small-town lifestyle is simply the place that is surrounded by nature. Nestled between Bloomfield and Montclair, this tiny town makes outdoor lovers fall even more in love. Hiking trails cross over the Eagle Rock Reservation, with crystal-clear lakes and bridges adjourn Branch Brook Park. Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Historic Estates and homes are all in Glen Ridge.

9. Teaneck New Jersey – Commute time to and from Midtown 30 Minutes
Teaneck is another Bergen County town on the list and is a magnificent historical town offering a 46-acre park/nature preserve. It is just roughly over 30 minutes from Midtown. The Teaneck NJ Transit bus directly places on into the Port Authority. Take your pick from the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge into Manhattan as it takes the same amount of time.
Another Bergen County community worth considering, Teaneck is a wonderful historic town that offers superb schools, tasty restaurants and a 46-acre art-park-meets-nature-preserve known as the Teaneck Creek Conservancy. Plus, it’s just 35 minutes from Midtown. (The 168 NJ Transit bus goes from Teaneck directly into Port Authority. Driving over the George Washington Bridge or through the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan takes about the same amount of time.) So, yeah, it’ll probably be an adjustment to acclimate to suburban life, but it’s not like you’re living out in the sticks.
8. Summit New Jersey – Commute time to and from midtown 40 Minutes
Those seeking to relocate from New York City has their interests piqued by Summit NJ. This desirable town in Union County has an incredible public transit system, tons of shops, restaurants, nightlife and Top-Tier Schools. Ex-urbanites will still garner that cosmopolitan feel that is often missed when moving to the suburbs. Commuters can travel to NYC with two different transit lines from commuters.

7. Tenafly New Jersey – Commute to and from midtown 30 Minutes
Just a stones throw from the George Washington Bridge, Tenafly is often times considered a suburb of NYC. It is a prosperous and popular Bergen County borough that delivers Blue Ribbon-rated public schools, outdoor hiking trails along with parks, and of course expansive homes and estates. The median home value is $859,700 with only a population of 15,312. While it does not feel small, it is packed with plenty of activities.

6. Short Hills New Jersey- Commute to and from Midtown 33 Minutes
Short Hills may most notable be known for its Mall, which is a paradise to shoppers. With 140 specialty retailers, they include Gucci, Chanel, and Hermes. The Mall is not the high point. The community in Essex County is also an extremely safe place to live within 35 minutes of commuting into the city for a pleasurable or professional day out. The award winning schools and vibrant downtown is the cherry on top. Many financiers and celebrities call 07078 home.

5. Madison New Jersey – Commute to and from Midtown 50 Minutes
Madison is regularly voted as an annual top town to live. This Morris County Borough shines year after year. The low crime rates, rising home values and great schools are just some of the perks. The charming downtown delights with boutiques, cafes, galleries and the F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre. It is an easy drive to NYC, but the train from the Morristown Line brings you right to Penn Station in 50 Minutes.

4. Weehawken New Jersey – Commute to and from Midtown 15 Minutes
Have not heard of Weehawken? You are certainly not the only one. This tiny Hudson County township lives with contemporary waterfront condominiums along the Hudson River. There is a lot to love about this town with its stunning views, city-living feel all while still offering more reasonable rent and purchase prices than New York City. The ability to hop on the ferry or jump on a NJ Transit bus is an extremely scenic opportunity.

3. Ridgewood New Jersey – Commute to and from Midtown 40 Minutes
Ridgewood is quiet, family-friends and mostly residential with its amazing suburban appeal. The school district is excellent boasting a high safety rating. The outdoors has many nature areas, dog parks, playgrounds and a wonderful sense of community. This tight-knit Bergen County town is a wonderful place to live and raise children along with fur babies (Dogs). The trade-off between spending extra money to buy a home is obvious with the amount of perks one will gain. A great location and neighborhood increases the value of properties, as is the case in Ridgewood NJ.

2. Montclair New Jersey – Commute to and from Midtown is roughly 30 minutes.
With restaurants, thriving businesses, and gorgeous stately homes adorn this lovely town. One of the Highest Demand places to live, the median home price is $810,000. Buying anywhere in this sought-after Essex County gem can seem pricey, but you pay for it with the suburban feel.

1. Hoboken New Jersey – The commute time to and from Midtown is roughly 20 Minutes.
Many professionals, post-collegiate and families call this city home. It is situated right across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Along with being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, the skylines of the city and plenty of gorgeous open green spaces make it incredible for views. The convenience of the PATH train is easily accessible. Pro’s of the city are the restaurants and night life. While home prices have risen steadily over the past few years, you get mush more money than you would in New York City.

Best commuter towns to NYC are plentiful. Depending on what type of town or community in New Jersey you would like to reside, the best picks are plentiful!

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