Purple Bricks Homes for Sale

purplebricks to sell my home
Purple Bricks Homes For Sale

Is the way to go selling your home? Purple Bricks to sell my home is a question I have been asked previously.  While we do not speak poorly on other real estate companies, I will state the facts.

Purple Bricks is a discount brokerage that is non-refundable.  When you sell your home, generally a commission is charged that the buyer and sellers split.  Example of Standard Listing: $400,000 home by 5% commission = $20,000.  This means $20,000 to the Selling Agent, $10,000 to the Buyer Agent.   This is what purplebricks comes in.  The only thing they can add of value is a lower commission that you would pay out and just place your home on the Multiple Listing Service, MLS.  Whether the home is sold or not does not matter to them because they were already paid.  Example of Purplebricks Listing:  $400,000 x 2.5% (Because you still need to pay the buyer agent) – $6,000.  This means that purplebricks to sell my home got $6,000, you paid out the buyer agent the $10,000 and saved a paltry $4,000.

Why not to use Purple Bricks Homes for SALE

To Remedy this flat fee service companies, RE/MAX 365 Has made it even better!  We have embraced a new way of the flat fee.  It is our Private Client Collection!  We want clients for life, and if you become one we will list your home for much less of a flat fee.  The reason we do this is because we will still place your home on Multiple MLS’s, hundreds of websites, private tours, online website, etc.  The reason we do this is because we still use your home to advertise our services to expand our business and get buyer leads.  Also, we get you as a client for life and you buy your next property through us.  Example:  $400,000 x 2% to Buyer Agent – $499.00 = $8,499.  This is much MUCH better than paying $20,000 in commissions or even Purplebricks $14,000.  You will only pay $8,499 in commissions Total.  And if we bring the buyer to that property, we would lower the commission even further.

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